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Advanced Care and Protocols for Neuropathy

Most patients that come to The Select Health Team for their Neuropathy Protocol have relied on their insurance to help cover treatments for Neuropathy.  Those same patients have been let down by Insurance covered methods of care while often times their symptoms worsen.

Free from the limitations of outdated, insurance-covered treatments, 
Dr. Jamy, DC, FICPA, BCN is able to spend more time with his patients allowing for the crucial time and attention needed to finally get your health back!
In the video below, Dr. Jamy Antoine, DC, FICPA, BCN, Board Certified in Neuropathy, shares his experience with Insurance when it comes to Peripheral Neuropathy and what you should expect:

Dr. Antoine discusses the challenges with Insurance when it comes to Neuropathy Treatments:

1. Select Health Twin Cities- located in Edina, MN is a specialty clinic for Chronic and Severe Nerve Damage (Neuropathy), Joint and Disc (Spine) Disorders.  

2. As your doctor, I have over 20 years of experience and helped thousands of neuropathy patients. I'm proud to have earned an advanced Board Certification in Neuropathy and it's helped me offer the best care for those suffering from Neuropathy
3. When it comes to Neuropathy; for the much needed Comprehensive Functional lab and the body's Biochemistry Assessment, Insurance only covers minimal items. 

4. Lack of Functional Medicine Coverage by Insurance: When it comes to Functional medicine, while Insurance might cover simple blood work, it doesn't allow for a complete functional medicine analysis showing: "Is there something going on within your body that is preventing it from functioning properly and allowing itself to heal?" For example, is there toxicity such as Mercury Toxicity? Are you deficient in specific vitamins such as Vitamin B? Do you have too much Vitamin B? What do we need to do nutritionally to get you healing and your body functioning optimally?

5. At SHTC, we provide a comprehensive Functional Screening for all our Neuropathy Patients to ensure that their bodies function optimally to heal themselves. Our patients appreciate a one-time, single cost for our entire treatment with no additional surprise costs.

6. Lack of Coverage on Treatment for improving Neuropathic Damage: At Select Health, we have invested in State-of-the-art Technology that helps provide relief of symptoms of Neuropathy. Insurance coverage is not up to speed on the latest and most effective technology that we now have available for you!

7.  Our patients appreciate a one-time, up front investment for our team to begin work in your healing process. We have kept patients cost low, understanding it is mainly out of pocket. For this reason, we know how important it is to GET YOU RESULTS. 

8. Our goal at Select Health is not to mask your symptoms, but to get to the root cause of why you developed Neuropathy, address that issue, and repair and improve the nerves.

9. Remember to Stay Hopeful- You don't have to live with those awful symptoms. Neuropathy nerve damage can be improved, and you can heal!

10. We don't believe in masking your symptoms, or masking hidden costs! We are straightforward with what is needed to get you your life back. Our results are measurable and quantifiable so there is no guesswork.

Please note: It all starts with a free 15-minute phone call. Once you submit your information a member of the Care Coordination Team will contact you to get your call scheduled.
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