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Advanced Care and Protocols for Neuropathy, 
Improve Blood supply and Repairing nerves to improve Neuropathy

Neuropathy can be improved. Nerve damage can be repaired.

Bob came to Dr. Antoine suffering from Neuropathy, balance Issues, and loss of feeling. He had a dead feeling in his feet. No feeling at all. As he continued Dr. Antoine's protocol the feeling in his feet came back and he could walk confidently again. He is thrilled with the results!

Depending on the type of Neuropathy, Neuropathy nerves can regenerate, NERVE DAMAGE CAN BE REPAIRED and your neuropathy can be improved. We have proven this again and again at our clinic. Instead of masking the symptoms with meds, try our state-of-the-art technologies and Functional Medicine approach to get to the root cause of your nerve damage and help improve and repair it. 


Our approach is Functional Medicine and State-of-the-art technology to promote better blood supply to the Neuropathy areas, help axonal regeneration and repair nerve damage. 

We take the best of functional medicine, state-of-the-art nerve technologies, physical therapy, balance machines, diet plans, supplementation, chiropractic care, low level laser therapy, nerve retrainers, vibration plate therapy and more, to get you lasting results.

individual results can vary 

Let's look at our amazing Patient Results. See what Dr. Jamy Antoine's, DC, FICPA, BCN,  patients are saying about his approach to Neuropathy and the amazing results.

Dr. Jamy's, DC, FICPA, BCN,  patient Amy was two days away from going in for surgery. She could barely walk 30 feet, experiencing unbelievable pain. But, after working with Select Health- Twin Cities for 2.5 months, she is "100%, and feeling great...recommends everybody try it out!"

Bill was suffering from pain in the feet and legs, his feet always felt cold, and he could barely walk with balance issues. After the protocol, the results in working with Dr. Jamy, DC, FICPA, BCN,  have been "really, really good!"

Bob B. was referred to the clinic by someone else being treated for neuropathy. "After a couple of months, the neuropathy in my feet has gotten about 70% better" The soreness in the bottom of his foot "is now basically not there! Bob talks about the laser treatment that has helped him tremendously- happy with the procedures and the results.

This patient shares his story with us, waking up one morning with his left hip and leg in agony. A herniated disc was pinching his sciatic nerve, manifesting pain in his hip and left leg. He went in to see Dr. Jamy, DC, FICPA, BCN, with his wife for a consultation...he started the next day, and after three sessions, he was completely pain-free. He is now a big advocate for this treatment as it helped him avoid surgery.

Linda discusses how she struggled with pain in her feet for a long time...and after seeing Dr. Antoine and his staff, she "can walk a long distance now without pain in her feet." She states she is subjectively "85% better!"

Ray talks about how he was hurt badly, having difficulty walking and sleeping. Since he started therapy, he has improved "way over 50%" and says "it's a 'God-Send' to me" that he wishes he would've come in sooner. 

What makes Dr. Jamy's, DC, FICPA, BCN, Protocol different from other protocols?

NEUROPATHY CAN BE IMPROVED, by promoting better blood supply to the damaged area and helping nerves repair! 

Check out why Dr. Jamy's, DC, FICPA, BCN, Neuropathy Protocol works so well:

Ron, a Patient of Select Health Twin Cities, explains his feet were bothering him and hurting him at night. As a result, he had difficulty falling asleep. He also suffered from restless leg syndrome (RLS). He also had a loss of balance and was falling all the time. But now, Ron can feel his feet again; his RLS has improved, he can fall asleep a lot easier because his feet do not hurt! His wife in this video states that from her point of view, it is a massive difference for her not having to worry about him falling so often. 

Dayna was told the next option to help her back pain was SURGERY. After working with Select Health- Twin Cities, She was able to avoid surgery and "barely has any pain anymore," stating, "I'm 97% better" She can now sit for hours, hang out with her friends, can drive again, can sleep through the night again and does not take anything for pain, whatsoever. "A complete 180."

Dealing with severe back pain and diabetic neuropathy which ultimately lead to lots of crying and depression. Now the patient feels a lot better, their quality of life has drastically improved and their pain is significantly less"

Katie was suffering from pain radiating down her leg, and she could not feel her toes. She couldn't walk very far or even put her socks on. Katie tried chiropractic acupuncture, even went to The Mayo Clinic, tried physical therapy, and things only got worse. Katie tells us that she can say nothing but great things about Dr. Antoine's treatment and how fantastic she feels now!

Christy suffered from severe disc herniation before finding Select Health- Twin Cities. She "had tried every therapy traditional and alternative" and then found Select Health. The treatment has changed her life after completing the treatment...Christy has her life back and is "forever grateful for that." 

Dan had severe lower back pain, left knee pain, and numbness on the top of his foot. However, once he started the protocol with Dr. Jamy Antoine, DC, FICPA, BCN, his pain rapidly reduced and now "down to zero back pain." 

Dr. Aaron Moorland endorses Dr. Jamy Antoine's, DC, FICPA, BCN, Protocols. He has sent many patients Dr. Jamy's way. He specifically talks about a patient he sent to Dr. Jamy and how he helped her avoid surgery...along with many other patients.

 Stan tried just about everything to help with the issue in his neck and associated headaches; chiropractic treatment, lots of needle work that was ineffective, and then he stopped. Then he heard from a friend that referred him to Dr. Jamy...he is "at his fourth week and doing awesome." Stan says that he is willing to share his with anyone his experience...

 Brian shares his experience with Lower back pain, numbness, and weakness in his foot...he tried acupuncture, a chiropractor, massages, and more...Now, after working with Dr. Jamy Antoine,DC, FICPA, BCN, he has pain-free days and "back to living his normal life!"

 Did you Know? 
70% of Neuropathy happens in only the Feet
20% of Neuropathy is happens in only the Hands
10% of Neuropathy is experienced in BOTH the Feet and Hands

Why is Dr. Jamy's, DC, FICPA, BCN, Protocol so effective?
In the video below, Dr. Jamy Antoine,DC, FICPA, BCN, Board Certified in Neuropathy, shares why he believes his protocol is so effective for chronic neuropathy patients:
 Select Health located in Edina, Minnesota is a specialty clinic specializing in Chronic and Severe Nerve Damage (Neuropathy), Joint Issues and Disc (Spine) Disorders. Dr. Jamy, BS, DC, FICPA, BCN, has over 20 years of experience and has seen thousands of neuropathy patients. 
In addition, he has advanced Board Certification in Neuropathy (BCN)
This is what our patients have said after working with The Select Health Team:
Read our Testimonials:
              I have tried many different treatment options for diabetic neuropathy without much effect. Having started the treatment at SHTC I did not see immediate results but after three weeks gradual improvement began and continues after the treatment is done. I do not wake up in the middle of the night from sharp pains any more, was able to reduce the meds, have better sensations and steadier gate. I am pleased with results.

             It was a great choice for me.....Dr Jamy's experience and a specific treatment plan was set up and monitored by him. I gained more feeling in my very numb feet and lessened nightly leg cramping. I'm sleeping better which is huge....because I was sleep deprived for months. They have numerous therapies there and it's a very welcoming atmosphere.

            I have been having back pain to over 15 years. A friend of mine referred me to this clinic and encouraged me to meet with Dr. Antoine. I have been working with Dr. Antoine and his staff for a couple of months now and I have never felt better in my life! A lot of my back pain went away and I physically feel so much better! All thanks to Dr. Antoine and his exceptional staff!

             Dr. Antoine and staff at Select Health of the Twin Cities are miracle workers!! I have been in constant pain in my lower back and down my left leg for months. I have tried many different treatments like Chiropractic, acupuncture, pain meds, shots, and physical therapy. I was to the point of not even getting out of bed it hurt so bad to move. I was taking 6 Advil every 4 hours just to try to get out of bed. I had to walk around my house for an hour hanging onto furniture and walls in the mornings until the Advil kicked in for me to move. I was referred to Dr. Antoine by a co worker who's son had gone to him. That day of my first meeting was my lifesaver. We went over a treatment plan and they explained everything so well to my husband and I, we felt they had my best interest at heart and wanted to fix me not just treat my symptoms. I am a different person today and I can only thank these wonderful people at Select Health of the Twin Cities. I have my life back!!

             First off, I have to say is that I typically do not do reviews, but in this case, I feel I have to because of the great results I’ve gotten so far. I came into this journey wondering, “What have I gotten myself into? Is this a big waste of money? Is this some sort of scam?” Now that I am almost done with the program, I have to say I am sooo glad I didn’t listen to myself and not do this. I have gone from not having any feeling in my feet at all, to my feet being very ticklish. When I walk out on the deck, I can feel the warmth of the deck on my feet. I had a recent recheck on how my feet are coming along and they improved from being 80% nerve-damaged to now being about 50% damaged. That’s 30% better than when I started. Dr. Antoine wasn’t ready to turn me loose yet. He thought I could get a lot better, so he suggested to go 4 weeks longer. I am almost at the end of those 4 weeks and I can feel the difference from the last time we checked them. I have cut my meds for my neuropathy in half, for now. My goal is to be done with meds completely. I can’t thank Dr. Antoine and his staff enough. 

             I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy by a medical doctor who told me there was nothing to reverse the process, that I would have to learn to live with it, and all that was available was med to mask and reduce the pain. After six months of treatment with Dr. Antoine, I have improved markedly. I have regained a great deal of feeling in my feet, I have improved my balance, and the feeling and sensation has improved. I am very glad I found Dr. Antoine. I'm having a better quality of life.

             I cannot speak highly enough of Select Health of the Twin Cities, Dr. Antoine & the staff. They are so friendly, easy to work with and I am blown away at how much better I got while going through Dr. Antoine's program. Thank you Select Health of the Twin Cities!

             I went in with pain in my feet and into my ankles. My MD said there was nothing to do for the neuropathy except to prescribe a pill to mask the pain. I came to see Dr. Antoine and listened to all he had to say, I followed all his instructions. My feet went from 30% feeling to 95% in three months. I cant believe the outcome. I am so glad to have found Select Health of the Twin Cities.

             I was having severe nerve pain in my right leg since last fall. After trying therapy, meds and numerous visits to a spine clinic I wasn't any better…I recently completed their program and I can now resume my normal activities. I would highly recommend Dr Jamy Antoine... Their staff is very friendly and helpful…

             My experience with Dr. Jamie A and his team was excellent!


Key Take-aways:

1. Neuropathy is a progressively worsening condition unless we get to the root cause and address it. We don't believe in masking the symptoms. We get to the root cause of the problem and help address and, whenever possible, fix it.

2. Neuropathy can occur due to many different reasons. We assess you in detail to ensure we get to the root cause of why you are developing it. (See image below)

3. We do a thorough analysis to understand how well your body is ready to heal itself. Is there something going on with your body preventing you from healing? A complete Functional medicine biochemistry analysis lets us figure out what may be causing your issues. We do a thorough functional and structural assessment to pinpoint why you may have developed neuropathy, to begin with. Most medical doctors don't do this. 

4. We use state-of-the-art technology to assess and help heal your nerve damage. Insurance Covered-Treatments are the out-dated way of working with Neuropathy and do not cover the latest and greatest equipment and technology. This is why so many patients come to our clinic after insurance-covered methods have failed them! 

5. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to live with nerve damage. Nerves can be healed. We study and understand the extent of nerve damage to recommend treatment based on the level of severity you may be experiencing. Most clinics have not spent the dollars in the type of equipment you will see in Dr. Jamy's,DC, FICPA, BCN, office to help the nerves repair, regenerate, and heal. (see images) 

6. In Summary: We see excellent results for our patients by combining Functional Medicine analysis and expert technology to help heal the nerves. Neuropathy is a progressively worsening condition unless we get to the root cause and address it. We don't believe in masking the symptoms. We get to the root cause of the problem, help address it, and help to fix it whenever possible.

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